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ITALUB has been operating in the development and application of synthetic and special lubricants ideal for extreme conditions, unfriendly environments, and strategic or delicate machinery.

ITALUB Italian brand to produce synthetic lubricants and since the beginning has been a market leader in the production and sale of oils for air-compressors and non-toxic lubricants destined for the food and pharmaceutical industries. ITALUB offers an integrated product range for the lubrication of hydraulic circuits, bearings, chains, gearboxes, joints, and couplings, many of which were developed from specific application requests by clients. ITALUB bio-lubricants are already a reality, leading the way into the future.

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All about relationships. We need you for your local market exploration. But we do not give our commitment to everyone. We need people with the same passion as we have. Passion to be successful and invest together in a successful lubrication brand.


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You, as our business partner. But also as an equal person who values quality and honesty just as much as we do.

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You to become a successful lubricants entrepreneur. Your success is our success and we want to grow together. Overcome difficulties together and share victories together. We want to be a team.

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