The TURBINOIL series is made with very high quality mineral bases capable of ensuring outstanding performance in terms of demulsibility (ability to separate water) and air separation.
It is recommended for all types of gas and steam turbines both with and without gears. It can also be used on combined cycle turbines but, in accordance with what is recommended by the manufacturers of such machines with regard to cleaning requirements, after a final filtration of the product after filling the turbine. Finally, given the marked anti-wear additive without zinc, it can be used in rolling and sliding bearings and in circulation applications in the available viscosities.

ISO Viscosity Grade 32 46 68 100
Exceeds the requirements: DIN 51515-1 L-TD / DIN 51515-2 L-TG, Siemens TLV 9013 04, BS 489, GEK 32568F / 28143A MIL-L-17672 D, CEGB 207001, Brown Boveri HTGD 90117, Alstom HTGD 90 117 V0001 S Solar ES 9-224, US Steel 120, Westinghouse Electric Corp. Turbine Oil Spec.

Safety data Sheet:


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