HM 22-32-46-68-100

HM 22-32-46-68-100
Mineral hydraulic fluids, having detergent and dispersant properties, compliant with the international ISO Type HM classification. Formulated with solvent-refined paraffinic base oils and additives to prevent oxidation and foaming, reduce wear and prevent corrosion.
HMs are mainly used in the hydraulic systems of machine tools and machinery for hot molding of plastic and rubber materials, in clutch controls and in mobile hydraulic systems. They are especially suitable for machine tools equipped with pneumatic or electromagnetic clutches with oil bath discs. The detergent and dispersant characteristics prevent the onset of jamming of the valves and clogging of the filters in the hydraulic systems of numerical control machine tools and presses for molding plastic materials, reducing maintenance interventions and allowing substantial increases in efficiency. They meet the DIN 51524 specification. In particular, the HM 100 (VCL level DIN 51506) is used as a crankcase oil in large diesel engines with separate lubrication.

Exceeds the requirements: DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP, ISO-L-HM

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